Vacuum belt is one of the most important components of a vacuum. It assists in collecting debris and connect to the brush roller. On one side of the vacuum belt is the drive shaft or the motor pulley. After the regular usage, the belt will stretch out and decreases the tension on the brush roller. As the tension in the vacuum belt diminishes, the rate and speed of the brush decreases resulting in more debris left in your carpet and air.

In order to improve and enhance the performance of the vacuum, it is vital to know when it is the right time to change the belt of the vacuum. It is also worth mentioning here that the belt may seem to be in a good shape when you inspect it, but even minor loosening of the grip can cause pulley stress and hold it back from functioning properly.

Common Signs of the Belt Needing Replacement

Here are some of the most common signs that indicate if the vacuum belt needs to be replaced.

Noisy Vacuum

One of the most common signs if the belt needs to be changed is the unusual noise coming out of the vacuum. You will easily detect this issue. Being the user of the vacuum, you will be able to identify if the vacuum is causing noise and compare it with that of two three weeks before. Normally, the vacuum belt becomes noisy after three months.

Reduced Suction

As the vacuum belt starts getting old, its suction power decreases gradually. Less suction power means less cleaning and more time to clean a given space. If the suction power reduces, check the vacuum belt for any cracks or worn out belt.

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