Maintaining a vacuum cleaner is not an easy job. There can be different problems arising out of the vacuum after several years of usage. Some of the most common problems a vacuum can have are:

  • Broken vacuum belt
  • Filter problem
  • Broken or damaged vacuum hose
  • No air blowing into the dust bag

The above three problems are very easy to detect and solve. However, the last one, i.e. no air blowing into the dust bag is very difficult to solve. There can be many causes of this problem. Some of the causes of air not blowing into the dust bag are:

Blockage or Debris Obstruction

Debris obstruction is one of the most common causes of the air not blowing into the dust bag. The best way to detect the debris obstruction is to check the unit’s roller. If you see any blockage, clear it of any tangled hair strands or debris that might be blocking the air.

Blockage in the Unit’s Internal Airway

Once you have checked the roller of your vacuum and if it is cleared and still no air is blowing into the dust bag, there could be some blockage in the unit’s internal airway. Check the internal portion of the vacuum cleaner. Thoroughly clean all the blockage from the unit’s internal airway.

These are two of the most common causes of air not blowing into the dust bag of your Kenmore bagged upright vacuum. However, these are not the only causes. There are chances that even if you remove the blockage from the vacuum, the air still would not flow into the dust bag. In this case, the only problem could be related to the filter of the vacuum. The HEPA and the shark filters of the vacuum cleaners should be cleaned after every 2 or 3 uses. The filters collect the debris and dust particles from the air as well from the floor that make them dirty. For the best results, it is highly advisable that you replace the filters after every 3 to 6 months.

You can easily check the HEPA filters for any dirt and clean them. Cleaning the HEPA filters is also very easy. Just tap them lightly on the corner of a dustbin and remove all the dust. Follow on by removing the dust under running water and wait till the water comes out clean from the HEPA Filters. If by any reason the filters don’t work after cleaning, it is highly advisable to replace them with new ones. It will solve the problem once and for all.

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