There are a few basic rules about vacuuming floors that most people are not aware of. Following these rules can make it easier for you to vacuum your home in the right manner and improve the environment as well. Besides just rolling the vacuum, you also have to focus on other things. Before you start, make sure you have removed the dust accumulated at the higher levels. Once you have done that, follow these following ways to clean the home in an ideal manner:

Use Dust Brush and Vacuum Floor Brushes

Some people don’t use a brush to vacuum over a carpet. This is not a good practice simply because a vacuum cleaner cannot remove the dust particles stuck inside the fibers of a carpet. Vacuum floor brushes are a good choice in this case. The brush at the vacuum head takes out the dust particles stuck in a carpet and the vacuum sucks it up. If you are a perfectionist, make sure to vacuum several times at the same spot so that the vacuum gets enough time to suck up all the dust and dirt. The vacuum cleaner floor brush works equally well on a floor. If you want to vacuum at the higher levels, you can use a dust brush. It can do the dusting on decoration pieces, books, racks, and corners of the wall easily.

Use Crevice Tool for Corners and Difficult Areas

There are some corners in a room where the vacuum floor brush cannot reach. Even on the sides of the sofas, it is nearly impossible to remove the dirt and dust with a vacuum floor brush. This is where you need crevice tools. Crevice tools are designed for this purpose and this is the reason they have a narrow neck. Using the crevice tools, you can reach the corners of the furniture, clean the minor details in the walls and other places.

Change the Vacuum Bag Regularly

Most of us keep vacuuming until the bag becomes full. When the vacuum bag becomes full, the suction power of the vacuum reduces significantly. The vacuum becomes unable to remove the dust and dirt particles as intended. If you vacuum your home twice a week, you should change the vacuum bag once. It will improve the efficiency of the vacuum and enhance its life as well. Also, make sure you keep the vacuum filters clean.

Don’t Vacuum Wrong Things

Some people vacuum all the things without knowing that it can affect the health of the vacuum. You have to make sure that you don’t vacuum nails and other hard items so that the vacuum parts can remain in the best possible shape.

These are some ways using which you can vacuum correctly and more efficiently. It is important to keep your vacuum in the best possible shape and it is only possible if you use the right products. Go Vacuum offers 10% discount on all vacuum parts. Just use the Promo Code HELP10 to avail the discounts.