If you want to enhance the life of your vacuum cleaner and maintain its efficiency, you have to make sure that you keep the shark vacuum filters clean. Shark filters, if not cleaned, can make you needing repair or even replacement much sooner than you expect. Cleaning a shark vacuum filter is not a rocket science and you can easily do this job in your own home. Here are some simple steps using which you can easily clean the shark vacuum filters.

1. Remove the Plastic Filter

In the first step, you have to remove the plastic filter completely. You cannot clean the shark filter while the plastic filter is still installed in the Shark vacuum cleaner. Once you have removed the plastic filter, remove the complete filter system from the vacuum cleaner. In order to remove the shark navigator filters, you will have to open the top of the dirt container.

2. Tap to clear all the Dirt and Dust Particles

Once you have completely removed the shark filter from the vacuum cleaner, tap the side of the shark filter on a container or dustbin gently. This will make it easy to dump and clear all the remaining dirt and dust particles from inside the filter system. Don’t tap the filter too hard because it is very sensitive and you can damage it. Make sure you have removed all the dirt and dust particles before moving to the next step.

3. Wash the Shark Filter under Running Water

When you have thoroughly cleaned the filter from dust and dirt particles, use running water to clean the plastic filter. The reason for doing it is because you have to make sure that the shark filter is entirely clean before next use. Some of you might be thinking how they can know if the filter is clean after washing it with water. The answer is very simple, as long as the water coming out of the filter is dirty, the filter is not clean.

4. Dry the Filter before Installing Again

The last thing you should do is to dry the shark filter before installing it back to the vacuum. Even if it looks clean and dry, a very little moisture can cause damage to your vacuum and become a safety hazard. Once it is nice and dry, you should install the shark filters back to the vacuum system.

These are the simple steps you can use to clean the shark vacuum filters of your vacuum cleaner. Please note that you don’t have to clean them after use. However, make sure you clean them once in 15 days.

If you want to clean the shark HEPA filters, remove the HEPA filters located underneath the dirt container. Using your hands, you can rinse this filter thoroughly. You can also use some dish detergent to get some help with the cleaning process.