Oreck, for more than 60 years, have been producing vacuums and other cleaning appliances. They have been a trusted manufacturer of cleaning appliances across the United States of America and Canada. They have a philosophy of creating superior products and this is the reason why they are one of the most preferred brands in the cleaning appliances. Today, Oreck boasts a strong and diverse portfolio that features lightweight yet powerful vacuum cleaners, filters, air purifiers, floor machines, and other products.

Some of the features that make Oreck vacuums a great choice are:

  • Lightweight
  • Long lasting
  • Appealing designs
  • Backed by warranty

Besides all these features, one thing that can make Oreck vacuums difficult to deal with are the high costs. You have to buy the expensive Oreck XL vacuum bags. Moreover, these bags have very less capacity and you have to change them quite often. What makes these bags still a good option is their strong material that gives them durability and makes sure that the dirt does not come out of them. There is also a very sturdy seal that prevents leaking of dust once the bag is removed.

If you are tired of affording these expensive Oreck XL bags, you should consider the next best alternative Zvac vacuum bags. Zvac vacuum bags are premium quality bags made under strict quality controls and by no means are less than the Oreck XL vacuum bags. These bags have some of the great features that make them outshine other vacuum bags. Some of the best features of Zvac bags are:


Zvac bags are environmentally friendly and do not cause any sort of harm to the environment. The resilient seal of these bags makes them a good alternative option of Oreck XL bags.


The material of the Zvac vacuum bags is hypoallergenic. Using these bags you can prevent all the allergies, infections, and other breathing problems.

Easy to Change

The Zvac bags are very easy to remove and install. The large capacity of these bags makes them a good replacement option of Oreck XL bags. These bags won’t tear or break, thus you can use them without any worry.

Perfect Fit for Oreck XL Vacuums

The best feature of these vacuums is that these fit perfectly in the Oreck XL vacuums. Not all the vacuum bags can fit Oreck XL vacuums but Zvac is different. These have the same design as the Oreck XL bags but these are very economical.

Having sold over 2000 units, it is clear that Zvac is the best value for the money. All the customers who have used Zvac bags are very satisfied with the quality and the price of these bags. It is your chance to make a wise decision and buy Zvac bags for a chance to make your home clean in very fewer prices. If you need them at discounted prices, use the promo code HELP10 using this link.