Hi, Thanks for your question. Unfortunately this machine does not have an outer reset button that can be reset. The machine does however come with what Eureka calls a Thermostat, part # 39252-2 that is an internal thermal protector that will cut off the vacuum before the motor overheats itself. It could be that this part has gone bad, this part is inside the vacuum located near the motor, and the machine will need to be entirely dismantled to replace this part. If you are handy, the repair is pretty straight forward, and can be done within an hour or so. I have attached to this email a .pdf file of the owner’s manual, and a parts schematic of your vacuum model as well. I do sell the thermostat in stock for $9.99. You may want to take it to a local repair shop if you want to ensure the repair is done properly. It may also be the cord itself has a short it in. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reply to this email, or give us a call.