Actually the Dyson DC17, and the Dyson DC17 Animal are the same vacuum cleaner. The term Animal on the vacuum only refers to having extra attachments for pet hair, but in all actuality there is no difference at all in the actual vacuum. The DC17 is available in 2 different models, and 2 colors, the Dyson DC17 Animal which is the purple one, and the DC17 Asthma and Allergy with is the light blue colored model. The difference between these two models is only the animal model comes packaged with a hand held turbo brush for stairs and upholstery, as well as the Dyson Zorb which is a carpet cleaning powder, and a stain remover are all included with the Animal model. The weight of both of these machines is 20.5 lbs, which is rather heavy compared with other models on the market. We can recommend an even better vacuum for pet hair, for less money than the Dyson, which are Miele and Cirrus line vacuums. Both of these manufacturers provide excellent quality, performance, and are backed by excellent warranties, compared to that of Dyson vacuums. You pay quite a bit, for the advertising that Dyson does for his vacuums. They are overpriced for what you get. We are starting to see a lot of these machines now coming in for servicing with problems. For $500 you should get a vacuum that will last you 10 + years; Dyson’s appear to be lasting less than 5 years. Please feel free to explore our website for these vacuums and many more, which are offered with free ground shipping to the continental US.