Hi Mike. I looked up your model in my book of schematics, and I couldn't seem to find the Eureka model 9620. I did find that the Bravo models are in the 9700 series however. All Eureka Bravo uprights will take a Style U bags, Eureka part # 54310A, and 54310B. http://www.govacuum.com/genuine-eureka-style-u-vacuum-bag-3-pack-part-54310c.html Eureka U Style Bags, which are the standard bags, and you also may use the Eureka Style U Filteraire bags, which are better quality bags that keep more dust inside the bag, and better for homes with breathing issues, or allergies. Check the Eureka parts below. http://www.govacuum.com/eureka-u-style-premium-bag-3-pack-part-57802b-6.html Eureka part # 57802A, and 57802B in terms of the belt for your vacuum, all Bravo and Power line uprights will use Eureka Style U belts. There are two types of U belts, the standard belt is Eureka part # 54312A and 54312B. http://www.govacuum.com/eureka-54312-type-u-vacuum-cleaner-belts-2-pack.html Eureka Style U Belts. The only difference between Eureka 54312A, and 54312B is the color of the packaging. A series was yellow colored, and have since been discontinued, and B series is blue and the current. Eureka also makes the Extended Life Belt, which is supposedly a longer life belt. This is Eureka part # 61120A, and 61120B. My honest opinion is that there is really no difference between these two belts, save the extra 50 cents Eureka charges for these. http://www.govacuum.com/eureka-61120g-2-count-type-u-vacuum-cleaner-belt-1.html Eureka Extended Life Belt. Hope this helps.