The Kenmore model number 116.2645088, can actually use the Kenmore/Panasonic 3 Wire Hose, which is Panasonic part number AC94PCHKZV06, and also Sears part numbers; 8195150, 8175196, KC94PBZTZB39, KC94PBZRZR27, KC94PBZTZV07, KC94PBZPZB33, KC94PCPJZV07, and KC94PBZTZU01. This should work with your model Kenmore Canister with no problems. I would like to assure you that if you do purchase the hose, and it doesn't fit, we will even pay for the return shipping charges, and give you full refund. Your may order the hose directly from our website, item code; Kenmorehose-3wire, or follow this link: http://www.govacuum.com. Hope this information helps.