Hi, I have looked up your Dirt Devil Platinum Force bagless upright model 091210, and I have attached the parts schematic of that model to this email for your future reference. As you can see in the parts diagrams, the roller brush 2-912347-000 does work only in the models 091210 Series C and later. From the email you sent I believe that you actually have the series A, which is what A02A indicates plant A, made in the year 2002, and Series A. Unfortunately Dirt Devil has discontinued the roller brush for these particular series for model number 091210. In order to purchase a roller brush that will fit, unfortunately it seems you have to purchase the main housing, a new roller brush motor, and the belt. This is the note attached to the schematic; Must use new style brushrollRO-912347 $20.20 and also changeRO-912327 $43.56 base, RO-912427 $2.50belt, RO-912437 $63.50 motor. The cost of these parts are next to the part numbers. As you can see you will have to spend over $120 in order to get the new roller brush to fit in your Series A. I would recommend at this point you consider purchasing a new vacuum cleaner.