Hi, Dirt Devil actually has 2 different F4 filters. This can be very confusing, as many people just the F4 style of filter, and just order it not realizing that there are 2 different styles of F4 filters. The Dirt Devil filter item code RDD204, part number 3-088570-001 is definitely one of the Dirt Devil F4 filters, that are used on the Dirt Devil Scorpion Hand Vac models 0880, 0880DV, 0881, 0886, that have manufacturing code before July, 2004. In order to determine the manufacturing code of your vacuum cleaner, simply turn the machine upside down, and locate the sticker that has the serial number, model number, and you will also find the manufacturing code there as well. If your manufacturing code is before 07/04, then this is the correct filter for you. The other Dirt Devil F4 Filter, Item Code; RDD243 and Dirt Devil Part Number 3-ME1950-001, is for Scorpion hand Vac made after July of 2004. This F4 filter doesn't have the plastic bracket, but only the cloth type filter itself. These will not work in your vacuum cleaner. I hope this answered your question.