The Haan FS-50 will actually clean dust as well as the FS-20, and FS-30. They all have the same temperature rating, cleaning time, and steam pressure. Really the major difference between the Haan FS-20, and the FS-50 is that the Haan FS-50 has a much lower profile head, and will fit underneath of furniture or cabinets\easier. Another difference between these two models is that the FS-50 has an ergonomic handle, or a D-grip handle as it’s referred to sometimes. The metal portion of the handle assembly is also a curved handle, which allows you to have more leverage on the machine when you're cleaning. You'll be able to put more downward force on the pad, without having to exert more energy doing it. The Haan FS-20 continues to be our most popular selling model, as the price difference between the two is hard to justify to some people.