The Dirt Devil style F-10 replacement Filter part # 3SQ0950000 will fit the Dirt Devil vacuum (The Swift Stick) model # 083410. This Dirt Devil style F10 filter will fit all of the Swift Stick models, as well as, the Dirt Devil Stick vacuum called “The Edge.” Make sure to replace this Dirt Devil Style F10 filter with the part # of 3SQ0950000, every 3-6 months; to ensure your Dirt Devil Swift Stick model 083410 or even your Dirt Devil “The Edge,” performs at its very best. 

Here is a link to our website so you can view and purchase the Dirt Devil style F-10 replacement Filter part # 3SQ0950000:

Dirt Devil F-10 Swift Stick 083410B Vacuum Filter # 3SQ0950000