The Royal RY6100 Commercial Vacuum takes an HEPA style F1 filter, which is typically replaced every year or so. You can save a lot of money when buying purchase a generic F1 HEPA filter from us at a discounted price, by clicking here:

We also sell the OEM F1 filter here:

Please note Royal & Dirt Devil are both the same company. So a Royal vacuums F1 HEPA filter is also the same as a Dirt Devil F1 HEPA filter part # 3-JC0280-000. 

This F1 HEPA Filter can fit a wide variety of different models manufactured post March of 2003. This filter measures, approximately, slightly tapered: 3.25" in diameter at the bottom, 2.75" in diameter at the top. The manufacturer and recommends changing this filter every 3-6 months. 

Here is a list of some models that this F1 Hepa filter will fit: Bagless Extra Lite, Breeze, Featherlite Bagless, Jaguar Bagless, Platinum ForceVision, Platinum Force Vision with Sensor, Scorpion and Vision Bagless Models 086925L, 086935L, 088100, 088105, 088150, 088175, 088500, 088600, 088650, 088750 and 088760, 085800, 085805, 085845, 086700, 086925, 086935, 086940, 087500, 087600, 087700, 087800, 087900, 088100, 088105, 088110, 088115, 088150, 088175, 088300, 088400, 088525, 088700, 088900, 091210, 091700, 091750, 091800. 

NOTE:If you have a model 088500, 088525, or 088520, then you will need to check the series letter of your vacuum cleaner. The series letter can be found on the back of the vacuum, on a sticker that has the model and serial numbers. If your vacuum cleaner has a series of C or higher, or doesn't have any series then you should use this filter. If you have a series A, or B, then this filter will NOT fit your vacuum.