Question: I currently own a Riccar model # R500. I am inquiring to which vacuum bags would fit my Riccar model # R500?

Answer: The correct bags for the Riccar model# R500 are going to be the Riccar 2000/4000 bags. Riccar part # C13-12.

The C13-12 part number is for 12 genuine Riccar vacuum cleaner bags. The C13-12 bags are the same as the C13-6 but the C13-12 is a 12 pack of bags and the C13-6 are going to be a 6 pack of bags.

Fits all Riccar HP, 2000, 4000, and Vibrance series including Riccar 2000n, 2150, 2200, HP25, HP30, 4812, 4512, 4508, 4810, RC-200, RC-300, Classic, Patriotic "Good", Patriotic "Better", Patriotic "Best", Premium, Vibrance, Deluxe, Standard & Americana.

These Riccar bags are made by Tacony, Riccars parent company. Tacony also makes Simplicity, Riccars sister company. These Riccar C13-12 are the same exact bags as the Simplicity s6-12 aka Simplicity A bags. These Riccar c13-12 bags fit the following Simplicity upright models of vacuum cleaners using the Simplicity A vacuum cleaner bags:
6 Series including: 6600, 6670, 6900, 6970
6000 Series including: 6100, 6370, 6400, 6550, 6570
5000 Series including: 4800, 5200, 5300

Here is a link to so you can view and purchase the Riccar C13-12 bags

Riccar Bags 2000 4000  C13-12