If your vacuum is not working so well and you notice it's blowing dirt vs picking it up, there are a few things you can trouble step to see what the problem is. 

First check the bag to make sure your bag is not full or is the wrong bag. Always use a high quality vacuum bags like the ZVac brand of bags. To ensure it is the right bag, refer to your owners model.

If the correct bag is not full, check all openings to make sure there is nothing obstructing the suction of your vacuum. Sometimes a clog may be deep inside your vacuum, if you need further help before taking your vacuum in for repair, why not have us help you troubleshoot it for free?

Just search our vacuum repair forum and and hopefully you'll find a solution that will help you repair your vacuum. If not, why not ask our vacuum experts for free? That's right we'll answer all your vacuum questions for free! Just post a public question here and we'll reply within hours (Note: we don't offer phone support for vacuum repairs).