A vacuum cleaner is a dirty appliance. A dirty appliance that needs to be serviced more than most household appliances. Service calls on a vacuum is not uncommon. The amount of service depends on the quality of the vacuum cleaner and the amount of use a vacuum receives.

GoVacuum has many vacuum cleaner maintenance videos on our YouTube channel. 

There is a lot of things you can do to avoid expensive vacuum store repair bills. To avoid service calls; check first check  the bag. Then the belt and brush roll. You should also check your filters and owner's manual. Always make sure to turn the machine before servicing your vacuum cleaner.

GoVacuum makes our very own brand of vacuum filters and vacuum bags called ZVac. Changing your machines filters with ZVac bags and filters will save you a lot of money and ensure your machine is in top running condition.

If you have any question about how to service and repair your vacuum, feel free to search our vacuum knowledge center here.

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