Dust Mites are present in 95% of homes in North America.  They are tiny spiders; and are believed to be among the top causes of asthma and allergies in the world.  Dust Mites feed on dead human skin.  They breed on dead human skin and live mostly in Beds, Pillow Cases and more importantly carpets.

While they have life expectancy of up to 70 days, there fecal matter and digestive products are the main source for allergic reactions in humans.  To ensure that you rid your home of Dust Mites, make sure that your machine is HEPA certified and use HEPA filters that will not allow contaminated air to go back into your room.  

GoVacuum offers a full line of HEPA Vacuums, air purifiers and filters that can help reduce the dust mites in your home. We have several videos on our YouTube channel and should you have any questions you can always call us at 1-888-468-2210.